The Machine Is Suitable For Continuous Padding And Drying Of Various Types Fabrics. The Machine Consists Of A Vertical Padding Mangle Which Is Synchronized With A Hot Air Drier. Key Features Include SM Sublimation offers High performance and innovative Heat Transfer Technology through their various products. The main features includes Electrical drum heating with multi heating zones and minute control of temperature, Roll to Roll & Piece to Piece works are possible, Precise control for Belt tension, Auto take-up system for fabric, transfer paper and protection paper, Automatic turn-off timer.



Boiler is defined as a closed vessel in which steam is produced from water by the combustion of fuel. They are also called Steam Generators.Boilers also find its application in textile industries for sizing and bleaching.

Perfect Print

Perfect Print the Software solution for high productivity printing on digital printers.It supports all common image file formats and contains a complete colour management system.


Steamers are used to obtain high quality color output and steaming with low maintainence and quite easy to use.Our steamers allow you to pause the steam process giving you uninterrupted steam cycle.


In Hydro Machines the wet material is placed in the extractor with a wall of stainless steel,internal drum rotates at high speed throwing out water in it.Hydro reduces the energy required to dry any material.


Tumbler is especially designed for Hosiery Dyeing industry and Garment Export Industry.Stainless Steel Inner drum body with CNC designed steel paddles to ensure smooth tumbling effect

Washing Machine

Fully automatic machine with infinte wash and high spin extract, automatic electronic panel with digital timer and water consumption is almost half as compared to side load washing machine.